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Approximately one week before your wedding I will call the bride to confirm the wedding day plans. During this conversation we will discuss the following:

  1. I will confirm the timetable for the day.
  2. I will confirm when the groom's family photographs will be taken.
  3. I will confirm when the bride's family photographs will be taken.
  4. I will confirm when the newlywed photographs will be taken.
  5. We will discuss any special photographs you would like me to take.
Just a few tips that can help me better serve you:
  1. Please have someone ready for pictures when I arrive for pre-ceremony photographs. This person does not necessarily have to be the bride. I can begin with the bride's mother and father or the maid of honor. It's best if we don't start the day behind schedule.
  2. Please have the girl's flowers ready when I arrive.
  3. If you would like a picture of the bride looking in a mirror, please clean the mirror.
  4. I can do a very nice picture of the invitation, please have one available.


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